The Herbert Protocol

Information on use of the Herbert Protocol form

The Herbert Protocol is a form which family members/carers can download from the Police Scotland website & fill in with the person's details: it includes a description, a photo, next of kin/family contacts, but also places with meaning to the person, perhaps a childhood home, old school or workplace, or favourite walks - places someone with dementia may gravitate to for comfort.
The form is then kept in a safe place in the person's home. Family members can keep an electronic version – (perhaps in their email drafts). Then, should they have to make a missing person report - and we hope they never have to - it can be easily and quickly sent to police and help officers and search teams locate vulnerable missing people with dementia as quickly as possible.
This work has been supported by Alzheimer Scotland, Health & Social Care Scotland, and the Scottish Government.
You can read more about the Herbert Protocol, and download the form here:

Download File: herbert-protocol-form-v3.doc

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