What we Need

A wordmap made up of all the equipment and other things that are needed to make up BSARU!

What We Need

This clever wordmap illustrates what goes into making up a Search and Rescue team - many of the items need renewing or replacing on a regular basis. 

BSARU Equipment wordmap

Current Requirements

Often our kind supporters like their donation to go towards something specific, or they like a target for their fundraising, so this is a list of our immediate requirements and approximate costs:

New Team Base £200K +
Replacement for Transit vehicle (4x4) £40K to £70K 
10 x GPS units - Garmin GPSMap 64s (including mapping) £3000
Replacement ropes full set for Team £1200
15 x Life Preservers  £3000
20 x ‘hand’ torches LED type £1000
25 x Kask helmets (Team issued to individuals) £1625
30 x Search overalls (for semi urban search, with hi-viz, flame and thornproof) £1500
30 x base layer kit for each team member £3000

Some Idea of Costs

In general, most our kit requires to be replaced on a regular basis - ropes and climbing equipment have expiry dates after which they are unsafe to use, equipment gets damaged during use, and new team members are issued with a basic 'kit' for use on team call outs which is over and above their personal hill walking kit (which they also use). Here are some costings of some of the equipment we use.

‘Wiggies’ specialist casualty bag (for casualties) £480
Mantis trifold folding spinal board £510
Titan titanium basket stretcher £2160
SAR Alpine MR Stretcher £1990
SP Scoop stretcher £420
Goretex shell foul weather jacket ME MRT £480
Winter salopettes ME MRT £400
Winter salopettes Keela £130
Rigging Karabiner 30kN (each) £15
Petzl i’d descender device for rigging (each) £136
Mammut Semi-Static 100m rope £140
Beal Rescue Intervention Rope 200m (Can then be split into 2x100m.) £400
Blizzard survival jacket (for casualties) £33
Blizzard survival blanket (brick) (for casualties) £28
Montane Extreme Fleece Smock £120
Montane Super Prism winter glove £45
UKSF winter Goretex fleece cap £13
EDZ Winter Beanie Merino £15
EDZ Winter Merino balaclava £18
EDZ Winter Merino Base Layer top £60
Polar Snowshed VacMattress kit £552
Polar Snowshed SCS Rosher Casualty Bag £1095
Palm Rescue 800 Water Rescue PFD £160
Ruth Lee Training Dummy £200


Our Supporters

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Contact Us

Write To: BSARU Secretary, Langskail, Broadgait, Gullane, EH31 2DH