2022 Incidents

Incidents 2022

total hours and numbers of incidents by type
Incident Type No Incidents Total Man Hours
Call Out 22 1100
Stand By 2 385
Totals 24 1485

BSARU Incidents 2022

list of incidents and man hours per incident"
Incident Type Date Incident Man Hours
CALL OUT 30/12/2022
Having been on standby for flooding response all day, we were called out alongside Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team and SARDA Southern Scotland on an unrelated incident - to assist police with the search for a missing person near Gladhouse Reservoir.
The HMCG helicopter also searched the area.
Thankfully, after several hours searching, the man was found safe after a passing driver alerted us to a possible sighting nearby.
Teams were stood down at 23:28.
Thanks to the folks at Moorfoot Farm for allowing us use of a barn to shelter in between taskings, and for keeping us supplied with hot drinks and biscuits.
147 hours
STANDBY 29/12/2022

With a thick band of cloud laden with heavy rain approaching the area, we were put on standby to assist in the event of expected flooding.

The partially constructed flood defences in Hawick were shored up with additional temporary defences and held the majority of the water back. There were 17 flood warnings across the Borders and one in East Lothian but our services weren't required and we were stood down just as the next callout came in.

384 hours
CALL OUT 27/12/2022

14:01 The team was contacted by NNPMRT to assist with the rescue of two people on the Pennine Way.

The visiting trail-runners had been caught out by wintery conditions on the tops and had made the sensible decision to make their way to the Lamb Hill (Yearning Saddle) Hut to take shelter.

BSARU was called out but once it was established that NNPMRT personnel could access the hut more quickly, we were put back on standby.

Many thanks to the passing walkers who helped the pair by providing hot drinks and layers until rescuers arrived.

After an assessment, the runners were given extra clothing and assisted down the south side into Northumberland.

18 hours
CALL OUT 26/11/2022

A Kelso callout came in as the majority of the team was attending a two-day first aid course.

Those not in attendance, along with TVMRT, BWRT, SARDA Southern Scotland, SAR-AA undertook a search of woodland in the area.

Thankfully the missing person was located safe.

11 hours
CALL OUT 12/11/2022

The team was requested to assist East Lothian Police and FRS with a bankside search of the River Esk, downstream of the railway bridge at Musselburgh.

Thankfully, the young man we were searching for was located safe and well.

76 hours
CALL OUT 26/10/2022


Callout to assist Tweed Valley MRT with the search for a missing man in the area around Hopetoun House near South Queensferry.

Ochils MRT, SARDA Southern and SAR-AA, HMCG, RNLI also involved.

Nothing found by dusk so search stood down until further information acquired.

66 hours
CALL OUT 10/10/2022

09:41 - Search for a missing person north of Kelso, who was located safe. 

Team stood down at 14:47.

95 hours
CALL OUT 30/09/2022

Team members responded to reports of a missing 18 year old.

Thankfully, he was found safe as the team was deploying.

7 hours
CALL OUT 10/09/2022
BSARU was called out at 01:11 to assist in a multi-agency search for a missing 9-year-old in and around Dunbar.
The search continued throughout Saturday and involved police, police helicopter, Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team, Ochils Mountain Rescue Team, Dunbar Coastguard and other HMCG assets, RNLI Dunbar Lifeboats, SARDA Southern Scotland, Search & Rescue Aerial Association - Scotland, and many members of the community.
He was found on Saturday evening outside of our search areas. Team members are immensely relieved that he was traced safe.
We'd like to thank everyone for their offers of assistance and to Looks General Store and Dunbar Grammar School staff for use of facilities.
Thanks also to Asda for supplying lunch for all of the teams involved.
227 hours
CALL OUT 07/08/2022

A brief callout to assist East Lothian Police in the search for a missing person in the Haddington area.

The man was located safe and well as the first team members were arriving at the RV.

9 hours
CALL OUT 02/07/2022
As team members were journeying home from the Humbie shout, we had a request to assist Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team with a missing person search in Midlothian. We were stood down en route as the man was located by police.
4 hours
CALL OUT 02/07/2022
Elderly missing person in Humbie, East Lothian. Found safe and well as first team members were arriving on scene.
22 hours
CALL OUT 15/06/2022

13:13  The team was called out to assist an injured walker on the St Cuthberts Way near to Mounthooly.

Once the location was determined, we accessed the casualty and were joined by a Scottish Ambulance Service crew .  They checked her over and she was able to walk to nearby vehicles.

We wish her a speedy recovery and hope she and her walking group can continue their hike.


36 hours
CALL OUT 08/06/2022
We were contacted to assist East Lothian Police in the search for a woman missing from her home in North Berwick. Team members were tasked with searching the Law and surrounding area, found the woman and walked her back to our vehicles.
A police dog team and coastguard were also involved in the search.
40 hours
CALL OUT 08/06/2022

We were called out to assist Tweed Valley MRT, searching for a missing man in the Lindean area.  15 minutes after the call came in, we were contacted by police in East Lothian who were searching for another missing person.  We diverted from the first callout to the second.

2 hours
CALL OUT 02/06/2022
We were contacted to assist East Lothian Police searching overnight for a 10 year old, missing from Seton Sands holiday park. The police helicopter, dog team and coastguard were also involved in the search.
Thankfully the youngster was located safe and well.
18 hours
STANDBY 20/05/2022

Team leaders were contacted by TVMRT to assist them with a search in the Roslin area.  The missing person was quickly found before a full callout was issued to the team. 

1 hours
CALL OUT 02/05/2022

We were called in to assist an ambulance crew to carry a casualty who had sustained a serious leg injury on steep ground.  Just as the team was monilising, we heard that the casualty's friends had assisted and we were stood down.

3 hours
CALL OUT 08/04/2022

16:01  We were contacted by Scottish Borders Police after a man had been heard shouting for help in a wooded gorge near Pease Bay.  After extensive searches by police and team members, covering a 500m radius, we stood down at dusk, having found no sign of anyone in the area.

94 hours
CALL OUT 04/04/2022
A brief callout at 00:21  to search for a missing person. Thankfully she returned home safe and well and the team was stood down at 02:18.
23 hours
CALL OUT 18/03/2022

12:30 The team was called out to go to the aid of a scrambler who had become cragfast on Traprain Law in East Lothian.

Local members of the team reached the man, made him safe with helmet, harness and rope, and guided him to up to safety at the top before descending the well used path.

It's always better to call for our assistance if you've got into a position where you feel it's unsafe to ascend or descend, than to try something risky and end up a casualty.  Thankfully, the man was unhurt and made the right call.

40 hours
CALL OUT 13/02/2022
Just before 10pm, we were contacted by Police Scotland to assist with search for a missing person in Eyemouth. Our team members searched areas on the outskirts of the town, whilst Eyemouth Coastguard and RNLI focussed on the cliff top trails and coastal areas.
Once all of our allocated search areas had been completed the team was stood down in the early hours of Valentines Day. We were then on stand-by, expecting to set out again at first light, but during that time we were delighted to get the good news that the missing person had been safely traced and that no further search was required.
72 hours
STAND BY 21/01/2022

Due to tricky access and a difficult location, the team was contacted by the Scottish Ambulance Service requesting assistance with the extraction of a casualty who had fallen from a horse at Seacliff near North Berwick. 

The Ambulance Service Special Operations Response Team (SORT,) arrived on scene shortly after we were contacted and we were stood down before any callout was sent to the rest of the team.

2 hours
CALL OUT 14/01/2022
Missing Person
The team was contacted by Police Scotland at 04:38, with concern for an elderly man who had gone missing in the Gifford area of East Lothian. The team was joined by SARDA Southern Scotland and Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team and tasked with searching woodland areas to the north of the village.
Thankfully the man was found safely, and the teams were stood down by 07.30.
42 hours
CALL OUT 01/01/2022

A farmer contacted local team member to inform us that an elderly walker had injured her ankle on hills above his farm.  Following contact with the police, the team was deployed to assist in her rescue.

Other walkers had helped to keep her warm whilst awaiting our arrival and an ambuance crew had also been called so were on scene for speedy onward journey to Borders General. We wish her well in her recovery.

48 hours

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