2008 Incidents

BSARU 2008 Incidents

total hours and numbers of incidents by type
Incident Type No Incidents Total Man Hours
Call Out 18 753
Event Incident 2 18
Stand By 3 0
Totals 23 771

BSARU Incidents 2008

list of incidents and man hours per incident"
Incident Type Date Incident Man Hours
CALL OUT 22/12/2008

Team called out in the early hours of the 22nd for a missing hill walker from Earlston.  Walker's body was found after 3 days of searching by ourselves, TVMRT, Rescue 131 and BU/WST.Fatality.

390 hours
CALL OUT 27/11/2008

Urgent callout around midnight to search the Duns area for a missing female. Team searched areas in and around Duns, until a body was discovered around 4am. Fatality

90 hours
CALL OUT 24/11/2008

Team called at 9am to assist BU/WST in recovering body of a male from River Tweed at Kelso. During operation, a second body (elderly female) was discovered nearby. Following police investigations both bodies recovered at about 12 noon. Both victims were unlinked; an unhappy coincidence. Fatality x2

24 hours
CALL OUT 29/10/2008

Team called to assist police with the recovery of a suicide victim in Edinburgh area. Victim's body was in a difficult location. A team of 6 made their way to the scene and recovered the body as requested. Fatality

12 hours
CALL OUT 19/10/2008

Team called out to search for a missing person.  Person turned up as team were being assembled, so team stood down.

0 hours
CALL OUT 17/10/2008

Team callout out to a missing man in the St Boswells area. The person was found safe and well by a police dog as the team were assembling.

0 hours
STANDBY 18/09/2008

Team placed on standby following sightings of flares by members of the public over a wood in the Carter Bar area. Flares were traced by police to the Otterburn army range, who were conducting a training exercise.

0 hours
CALL OUT 06/09/2008

Team called out to rescue a party of 5 walkers trapped by rising rivers in torrential storms at Auchope bothy. Two of the party had heart conditions and had run out of medication, sparking the urgent rescue. Team members drove through flooded valleys, eventually leaving vehicles near Upper Halterburn and walked over the Curr to reach party. Navy helicopter eventually managed to get to location at midnight and evacuate casualties.

An article on the BBC news website is available here.

75 hours
CALL OUT 15/08/2008

Police contacted team and asked for assistance to remove the body of a farm worked killed in an ATV accident near Hownam. Six members of team deployed to recover body from location.Fatality.

12 hours
CALL OUT 07/08/2008

Team contacted and asked to assist Borders Underwater Search Team with the rescue of 60 sheep, trapped by rising floodwaters in the tweed. All 60 casualties are doing not baaaaad. :-) Oh come on, I had to!

6 hours
CALL OUT 29/07/2008

Following reports of a missing 14 year-old boy at Coldingham in the early hours of the morning, team asked to mount a search. Fortunately the boy turned up safe and well as team arriving at area.

24 hours

Team helped with another two rideout participants on the Yetholm Rideout. One person with suspected spinal injuries following fall from horse, transferred to Amublance service. Second person treated for lower leg & foot injuries following fall from a horse onto road.

10 hours

Team assist two rideout participants during the Stichill ride (Kelso Civic Week). One female with a broken collar bone transported from hill to Ambulance Service. Second female suffered a kick to the lower back and was treated for suspected spinal injuries. Transferred to ambulance service also.

8 hours
CALL OUT 15/07/2008

Team called out in the early hours of the morning to search for a missing person in the Duns area. Search led to discovery and recovery of a body which turned out to be the missing person.Fatality.

26 hours
CALL OUT 12/07/2008

Team called out urgently to support Borders Underwater Search Team and Lothian & Borders Fire and Rescue following a male reported falling from Kelso Bridge onto an island. Team assisted with placing ambulance paramedic onto island and lowering equipment. Fire Service evacuated casualty using a vertical lift onto bridge.

16 hours
CALL OUT 14/06/2008

Police paged team following eye-witness reports of two persons in difficulty on North Berwick Law. Investigations by police whilst initiating callout lead to discovery that they had managed to decend successfully without further assistance. Callout aborted.

0 hours
CALL OUT 13/06/2008

Team paged at 2am following reports of a missing person in the Haddington area. 1 Female located by police as team being called out.

0 hours
CALL OUT 06/06/2008

Team called following reports of a missing person from Yetholm. 3 members of team went to check Auchope Refuge in the Cheviots. He was traced by police to be at Byrness, remainder of team were stood down.

6 hours
CALL OUT 26/03/2008

Team called out to search for a missing person in the Cheviot Hills. Team located body of missing person and recovered for police. Team assisted by SARDA search dog and RAF Bolmour's Rescue 131 helicopter. Fatality.

60 hours
CALL OUT 18/02/2008

Team called out urgently when a 9 year old child went missing near Kelso. Fortunately the child was found by police as the team was setting up to search the area around his home.

12 hours
STANDBY 07/02/2008

Team placed on standby around midnight for a missing elderly person in Coldstream. Team stood down around 1am on the 8th as person turned up safe and well.

0 hours
CALL OUT 05/01/2008

Callout for a missing person which was immediately stood down when the person turned up as our team leader was getting details from the police! Shortest callout ever?

0 hours
STANDBY 04/01/2008

Standby to take over from TVMRT who had been looking throughout the night for a missing person at Broxburn. Person located safe and well before team were required.

0 hours

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