2012 Incidents

BSARU Incidents 2012

total hours and numbers of incidents by type
Incident Type No Incidents Total Man Hours
Call Out 16 1251
Event Incident 2 0
Stand By 3 13
Totals 21 1264

BSARU Incidents 2012

list of incidents and man hours per incident"
Incident Type Date Incident Man Hours
CALL OUT 31/12/2012

Callout with TVMRT to search for a walker who was lost in Glentress forest.  Thankfully he was found safe and well after successful use of SARLOC to determine his location.

A change of plan for some of the team's Hogmanay celebrations!

29 hours
STANDBY 10/11/2012

Standby - team on standby to deploy in the search for a missing man near Musselburgh.  Man was found by police.

1 hours
CALL OUT 24/10/2012

BSARU and BUWST were called out to search a stretch of the River Tweed near Norham.  A man's body was found and recovered,

54 hours
STANDBY 22/10/2012

Standby - team was on standby to assist TVMRT with a call-out in the Pentlands.

12 hours
CALL OUT 18/10/2012

The team were called out to search for a missing elderly woman in the Boghall area.  After a day and a half of searching, the woman turned up at a relative's house. 

168 hours
CALL OUT 07/10/2012

BSARU were called out to assist in the search for a missing person from Linlithgow. TVMRT, SARDA and Ochills MRT were also in attendance.  Thankfully, the missing woman returned home, safe and well, just as the teams were arriving in the area.

25 hours
STANDBY 03/10/2012

Team on standby as an elderly man was missing near Coldingham. He was soon located at a nearby caravan park.

0 hours
CALL OUT 13/09/2012

The team was paged early to continue the search for a missing man who Tweed Valley MRT had been looking for overnight.  

Later this morning, a body was found and recovered by BSARU.

36 hours

Edinburgh Rideout - the team provided first aid cover for the rideout and attended to three casualties who required hospital treatment.  All were taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

0 hours
CALL OUT 02/09/2012

BSARU and TVMRT were called out to search for a missing West Lothian woman who was last seen on 24th August.  

BSARU continued the search over the next two days, resulting in the discovery of a body in dense woodland near to the village of Dechmont.

212 hours

Flodden Rideout - the team attended to a rider who had fallen from his horse during the rideout.  The man was taken to BGH.

0 hours
CALL OUT 09/07/2012

BSARU were called out to assist North of Tyne MRT in a search of the Pennine Way along the border, where a woman was struggling with the boggy conditions.  She was found safe and well by members of NoTMRT, near the end of her planned route.

71 hours
CALL OUT 07/07/2012

The team was diverted from providing first aid cover at the Duns ride-out, to assist the occupants of two vehicles that had become stranded at a picnic site near the bank of the River Whiteadder. Both vehicles were towed out by our Land Rover.

4 hours
CALL OUT 17/06/2012

The team was called out to search for an elderly dog-walker from Coldingham who was last seen on Friday.  A member of the public found the man and alerted nearby team members who stabilised him then transported him to a waiting road ambulance.

87 hours
CALL OUT 30/05/2012

BSARU and Border Under Water Search Team were involved in the search for a missing fisherman near Tillmouth.  A multi-agency search involving teams from both sides of the border sadly resulted in the discovery of a man's body. 

49 hours
CALL OUT 20/05/2012

Whilst assisting Tweed Valley MRT with first aid cover at a mountain bike event, team members were called to the aid of a hill-walker in an un-related incident. He had fallen and injured his shoulder.  The injured man was taken to Borders General Hospital in the team Land Rover.

6 hours
CALL OUT 30/04/2012

BSARU was called out overnight to search for a missing woman in the Dalkeith area.  In the morning, after the team had been stood down, her body was found to the south of our search area.

81 hours
CALL OUT 13/04/2012

Overnight call-out to search for a missing person around Stichill near the team's base, Kelso.  2 SARDA and police dog handlers were also involved in the search and a body was found and recovered.


100 hours
CALL OUT 04/04/2012

A two day search for a missing person in the Longformacus area.

The team was stood down and missing person was subsequently found in Glasgow.

145 hours
CALL OUT 26/02/2012

The team were Winter Skills training in the Cairngorms when asked to help with the ongoing search for a man who was last known to have been at the Corrour bothy.  He had been out in severe weather the previous month and as there was no route plan left, the search area was huge.  Sadly, it was a further 3 months before his body was found. 

72 hours
CALL OUT 06/02/2012

The team was called out to assist Tweed Valley in the search for a missing man in the West Calder area.  The call out went on for 2 days. Sadly, a body was found and recovered on 7/2/12.


112 hours

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