2009 Incidents

BSARU 2009 Incidents

total hours and numbers of incidents by type
Incident Type No Incidents Total Man Hours
Call Out 23 1199
Event Incident 1 4
Stand By 2 0
Totals 26 1203

BSARU Incidents 2009

list of incidents and man hours per incident"
Incident Type Date Incident Man Hours
CALL OUT 30/12/2009

Team assisted Tweed Valley MRT along with Cave Rescue and RAF Rescue 131 in a search for a missing female near Dalkeith in Midlothian.  Heavy snow with blizzard conditions on the moorland above Dalkeith made for difficult conditions.  Cave Rescue found a body in the early evening which was confirmed to be the missing person.  Fatality

121 hours
CALL OUT 28/12/2009

Urgent callout to search for a missing male near Kelso at night in sub-zero temperatures.  After 2 hours of searching by ourselves and RAF rescue 131 the missing person was found safe and well.

35 hours
STANDBY 04/12/2009

Stood by to assist Tweed Valley MRT with a missing person search near Denholm.  No action needed by team.

0 hours
CALL OUT 08/10/2009

Team asked to assist Tweed Valley MRT in the early hours of the morning for a missing male in the Stow area.  Tweed Valley located a body as team were assembling in Kelso.  fatality.

5 hours
CALL OUT 02/10/2009

Team called out by police to recover the body of a walker from the St Cuthberts Way near Crailing.  fatality.

10 hours
CALL OUT 29/09/2009

Team called to assist Tweed Valley MRT with search in the Balerno area for a missing dog walker.  Found safe and well having fallen down a gully.

28 hours
CALL OUT 12/09/2009

Team searched river Almond near to Livingston on behalf of Tweed Valley for a missing person.  Missing person was eventually found several days later near the coast.  Fatality.

72 hours
STANDBY 03/09/2009

Team placed on Standby to assist TVMRT with a missing person search to the south of Hawick.  Decided we would not be needed until the next day.

0 hours
STANDBY 20/08/2009

Team paged by police late at night in connection with a body recovery.  Team placed on standby however were not required.

0 hours
CALL OUT 16/08/2009

Continuation of the previous incidents in another attempt to locate the missing person.  Nothing found.  Two days after this search, the body of the missing person was found by a farmer outside the search areas.  Fatality

85 hours
CALL OUT 09/08/2009

Continuation of the previous callout to search and re-search areas in an attempt to locate the missing person.  Nothing found

70 hours
CALL OUT 04/08/2009

Team joined TVMRT on a 2 day search to the South of Hawick for an elderly former shepherd who had gone missing form his house.  Despite intensive searching nothing was found.

195 hours

Team assised three seperate casualties taking part in a rideout in the Kelso area: one had suspected appendicitis, the second had a broken leg, and the third severe food poisoning.  all three were transfered to the ambulance service and on to Borders General Hospital

4 hours
CALL OUT 31/05/2009

Urgent callout to assist the Fire & Rescue Service and Borders Underwater Search Team following reports of a missing child on the River Tweed in Kelso.  BU/WST managed to locate and rescue the child, but despite receiving advanced life support from team medics, the ambulance service and the hospital he could not be resuscitated. Fatality.

16 hours
CALL OUT 18/05/2009

Team called to Assist Tweed Valley MRT with a search for a missing man in the Pentlands.  RAF Leuchars MRT, SARDA and Rescue 131 helicopter also involved.  Following an extensive search the man was traced by police and found to be safe and well.

64 hours
CALL OUT 12/05/2009

Callout to search for a missing care home resident in East Linton near Dunbar.  Fortunately the missing person was found safe and well as we were arriving on scene.

16 hours
CALL OUT 04/05/2009

Second callout of the day, this time to an elderly lady with dementia.  Again the woman was found within a few minutes to the team being called out, and we were stood down en route.

0 hours
CALL OUT 04/05/2009

Team called out to a missing 10 year old child in the Balerno area. Child was found within 10 minutes of receiving the call and the team stood down.

0 hours
CALL OUT 28/04/2009

Callout to assist Tweed Valley MRT with a search for a missing person in the forests around Innerleithen.  Sadly, following a short search team members located the body of the missing person.  Team assisted in recovering the body to a waiting ambulance following standard police enquiries.  Fatality.

32 hours
CALL OUT 18/03/2009

Team asked to search the Reston area for a missing person who was reportedly sighted walking near the main A1 road.  despite a search lasting several hours, nothing was found.  The missing person was located a week later, deceased, near his home in Musselburgh.

96 hours
CALL OUT 24/02/2009

Following further information obtained by police, team asked to search a specific area of woodland near Eyemouth in relation to the missing person search below.  Despite a thorough search by a large number of team members, still nothing found.

102 hours
CALL OUT 19/02/2009

Team called out along with Coastguard, RNLI lifeboats from Eyemouth and St. Abbs and Rescue 131 to search for a missing person in the Eyemouth area.  Despite two days of extensive searching nothing was found.

108 hours
CALL OUT 09/02/2009

Team called out to assist Ambulance Service with the recovery of an injured person who had been sledging in the Lammermuirs.  RAF Rescue 131 was having difficulty with low cloud but eventually managed to get through and team were stood down en-route.

6 hours
CALL OUT 05/02/2009

Call to BSARU to assist police in Kelso with transport problems caused by the heavy but localised (Kelso, Coldstream, Jedburgh) snowfall.

8 hours
CALL OUT 01/02/2009

Callout to the Leadburn area to assist Tweed Valley MRT with the search for a missing care home resident.  Teams were also joined by RAF Rescue 131 helicopter, Moffat MRT and SARDA search dogs.  Police eventually managed to trace missing person safe and well to a location in Edinburgh

60 hours
CALL OUT 21/01/2009

Callout to assist Tweed Valley MRT in the Fauldhouse area of West Lothian.  Team members were joined on the second day by RAF Leuchars MRT and Strathclyde Police MRT and a body was discovered around noon.  Fatality.

70 hours

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