2014 Incidents

All incidents in 2014

total hours and numbers of incidents by type
Incident Type No Incidents Total Man Hours
Call Out 11 716
Event Incident 1 1
Stand By 1 8
Totals 13 725

BSARU Incidents 2014

list of incidents and man hours per incident"
Incident Type Date Incident Man Hours
CALL OUT 10/12/2014

Team called to assist in the evacuation of stranded motorists caught out in blizzard conditions on the A68 at Carter Bar. Other MR teams were in attendance, TVMRT, NoTMRT and NNPMRT. Traffic was moving again by 02:00 on 11/12/14.

33 hours
CALL OUT 30/08/2014

The team was called out to an injured walker on the Pennine Way. He'd made it to the Auchope refuge hut with an injured knee but was unable to continue so called the team in and we stretchered him to one of our Land Rovers.

47 hours
CALL OUT 16/08/2014

Police Scotland contacted team at 1056 having had a request from Scottish Ambulance Service for the assistance of MR Team to help with the evacuation of a fallen rider, taking part in an endurance event. At 1113 Police Scotland phoned to say according to SAS there was no further need of BSARU as the casualty had been evacuated by a Land Rover.

1 hours
CALL OUT 24/07/2014

Twelve year old girl reporting missing from home at 19:20 hrs. Just after call out police reported that the girl had turned up.

1 hours
STAND BY 23/07/2014

TVMRT contacted Team Leader about a possible call out at West Linton for an elderly lady missing over night. Had spent the night at a friend's house completely unaware that the police were searching for her.

8 hours
CALL OUT 29/05/2014

We were called out to assist TVMRT to search for missing male. Person found safe as team en route.

22 hours
CALL OUT 06/05/2014

We assisted police with the recovery of a body from steep ground.

57 hours
CALL OUT 24/04/2014

BSARU and SARDA assisted police in the search for a missing man near Jedburgh. He was found safe and taken to hospital.

52 hours
CALL OUT 19/04/2014

The team was paged to search for an elderly woman in the Makerstoun area. She was spotted by police helicopter and police and team members were quickly able to assist her before she was returned home.

8 hours
CALL OUT 03/03/2014

The team and Borders Water Rescue Team were called out to search the banks of the river Tyne around Haddington as an 80 year old man was missing.  He was found by police shortly after we arrived in Haddington.

29 hours
CALL OUT 18/02/2014

BSARU was contacted by Northumberland National Park MRT and asked to assist in the search for two missing walkers who's last known point was on Cairn Hill near Cheviot. The teams deployed people out onto the hills from both sides of the border. Thankfully, after a couple of hours searching, the missing pair were located safe and well by a dog handler. The Navy helicopter was then able to fly them back down to safety. 19 team members took part in the search.

88 hours
CALL OUT 18/01/2014

The team was paged at 3:30am, to go to the assistance of an exhausted fell-runner on the Pennine Way.  A hasty team located the man near Windy Gyle and a stretcher party followed.  The man was warmed up and given food, then was able to walk down to a waiting Land Rover.

81 hours
CALL OUT 16/01/2014

BSARU along with many other agencies, was involved in the search for a missing 3 year old in Edinburgh.

Sadly, a body was found by police, outwith the initial search areas.

335 hours
CALL OUT 12/01/2014

Team was paged to search for a missing youth near Coldstream.

Thankfully he was found by police as we were travelling to the scene

10 hours

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