2020 Incidents

Incidents attended by BSARU in 2020

total hours and numbers of incidents by type
Incident Type No Incidents Total Man Hours
Call Out 14 828
Stand By 5 41
Totals 19 869

BSARU Incidents 2020

list of incidents and man hours per incident"
Incident Type Date Incident Man Hours
STANDBY 18/10/2020

Standby to assist Scottish Ambulance Service.  Location had been given via What 3 Words and was 28km away from where the casualty actually was. (In TVMRT area.)

1 hours
CALL OUT 16/10/2020

The team was called out this evening to assist Northumberland Mountain Rescue Service with the search for missing walkers near the border in the Cheviot area. Luckily they were located as team members were making their way there.

0 hours
CALLOUT 28/09/2020
Following a standby message from Tweed Valley MRT at 23:03, BSARU took the reins at 0700 to assist Scottish Borders Police in the search for a vulnerable missing hiker on the Southern Upland Way near Traquair.
The hiker had been separated from her family group the previous afternoon and had lost her way.
The overnight search involved Tweed Valley MRT, Moffat Mountain Rescue Team, SARDA Southern Scotland & the coastguard helicopter.
This morning, more searchers were drafted in from Tweed Valley MRT, Ochils MRT, Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Service
and Strathclyde Police MRT.
The missing person had found shelter overnight and hasty searches in daylight located her safe and well. She was assessed by a TVMRT doctor and Scottish Ambulance Service crew but needed no further treatment.
Thanks to local farmers for their assistance, and the janitor of Traquair Village Hall for giving us access.
0 hours
STANDBY 15/09/2020

STANDBY - Missing person found before team had been deployed.

1 hours
CALL OUT 27/08/2020
The second callout came in mid-way through our search.
A hiker on St Cuthberts Way had injured her ankle and was unable to walk.
Two team members took a Landrover from the Thurston search and met others who'd already located the injured party near the top of Wideopen Hill near Morebattle in the Cheviots. The casualty was then stretchered down and transported to BGH for treatment, where an x-ray confirmed two broken bones.  
26 hours
CALL OUT 27/08/2020
In our first callout of the day, we were contacted by police in East Lothian to assist in the search for a woman missing from Thurston Manor Holiday Park.
Team members searched steep, woodland areas on the edge of the park. The search also involved teams from Dunbar, North Berwick, Eyemouth, Berwick & South Queensferry Coastguards, the HMCG Helicopter and police dog teams.
The missing person was found walking on a local road by a member of the public, and brought to our RV point where team medics assessed her condition before handing over to the Scottish Ambulance Service.
86 hours
CALL OUT 13/08/2020

Following a review of search areas from our callout last week, 5 team members returned to the Berwickshire coast along with a drone operator from Search & Rescue Aerial Association - Scotland.

The drone enabled a more detailed search than the helicopter conducted last week, of a 1km stretch of all ground between the shoreline and clifftop, including gullies, clefts in rocks, and other inaccessible terrain.

Sadly, a body was recovered from the water on 16th August and the missing person's family was notified by police. 

33 hours
CALL OUT 07/08/2020

We returned to Lamberton in the daylight today to continue last night's search alongside Scottish Borders PolicePolice Scotland dog teams and helicopter, Eyemouth CoastguardDunbar CoastguardRNLI Berwick upon Tweed Lifeboats and RNLI Eyemouth Lifeboat
Unfortunately, we failed to locate the missing person.  13 Team members responded.

87 hours
CALL OUT 06/08/2020

We were called out at 2030hrs to Lamberton on the Berwickshire coast by Scottish Borders Police to support the Eyemouth Coastguard Dunbar Coastguard RNLI Berwick upon Tweed Lifeboats and RNLI Eyemouth Lifeboat searching for a vulnerable missing male after personal effects were found in the area.  Nothing was found and we were stood down for the night at 0130 the next morning.

15 Team members responded.

77 hours
CALL OUT 01/08/2020

We were called to assist Scottish Ambulance Service with a casualty who'd collapsed whilst hill walking near Watch Water reservoir. Great North Air Ambulance Service also attended.

Sadly the woman passed away at the scene. Sincere condolences to family and friends.  8 Team members attended (we are still operating on a minimal response due to Covid-19).

30 hours
CALL OUT 18/06/2020

On Thursday evening, BSARU was called to assist police to locate 3 walkers who had become disoriented in mist in the area of Crystal Rig wind farm in the Lammermuir Hills.

The team used Phone Find to pinpoint the walkers' location which was just on the East Lothian side of the county border. Team members from north and south attended and the walkers were returned to their car at Stenton in a team Land Rover and police vehicle.

A walk on good tracks which would have been fine on a clear day was very different in the hill fog. The combination of winding wind farm tracks, thick mist and a map that didn't have some of the newer tracks on led to the group becoming disoriented. 

10 team members responded.

19/6/20 Thanks to last night's hikers for their generous donation to the team.

43 hours
CALL OUT 04/05/2020

On Monday evening, we were called to assist Scottish Ambulance Service with the extraction of a teenage casualty following a farm quad bike accident south east of Jedburgh. 6 team members responded.

We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

During the COVID pandemic, we have had to make huge changes to how we operate. Team members respond to all calls in PPE and exercise social distancing as much as possible. We're also running call-outs on minimal team numbers, with those most local to each incident travelling in their own vehicles and only one or two team members collecting team vehicles from the garage.

After every call, team members go home and decontaminate their own kit. Our vehicles go back to base and take over an hour to decontaminate too. All these actions are designed to ensure our members remain as safe as possible and we can maintain our core capability through these difficult times.

17 hours
STAND BY 10/03/2020

The team were put on standby for a possible body recovery in the Kelso area. They were stood down when it was found to be a hoax call. 

5 hours
CALL OUT 07/03/2020

The team were called out again, along with  Borders Water Rescue Team, SARDA specialist dogs and the Police Marine Unit to search the riverside and islands for the missing person in the callout earlier this week, now that the water levels had dropped and the water was clearer. Despite a full day's searching by 17 team members plus other agencies, nothing was found. 

POLICE SCOTLAND UPDATE:- the body of a man was found in the River Tweed near the village of Upsettlington, near Norham around 1pm on Thursday, 2 April, 2020.

This was more than 20km downstream of our initial search and later confirmed as the missing person.

190 hours
CALL OUT 03/03/2020

The team was called out at lunchtime to search for a missing person who had not been seen since the early hours of Saturday morning. With the help of the  Borders Water Rescue Team we searched the banks of the River Tweed, the levels of which were still very high due to recent rain, and woodlands. 15 team members turned out.  Nothing found.

106 hours
STAND BY 22/02/2020

The team was contacted in the early hours to be on stand-by to relieve TVMRT during the serious flooding incident in Hawick.  No further action was required.

1 hours
CALL OUT 22/02/2020

While most of the team were up at Glenshee for their annual Winter Skills training weekend, 5 remaining team members were called on at 5am in the morning to assist Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team to respond to a report that someone may have fallen in the River Tweed. This was part of a large multiagency response with Coastguard Rescue Helicopter R199, Lothians & Scottish Borders Police DivisionScottish Fire and Rescue ServiceBorders Water Rescue Team all involved in search activity. Searches were made of the riverbank in difficult spate conditions but were stood down later in the day. Sadly a body was found on 3rd March and recovered by Borders Water Rescue Team

6 hours
CALL OUT 18/02/2020

We were called shortly after 1pm by Police Scotland to assist with the search for a missing person in the Sprouston area. Borders Water Rescue Team we also called to help search along the river Tweed.

We are pleased to have been stood down at 7.30pm after the person returned home safely.  21 team members responded.

A huge thank you to Sainsbury's Kelso for supplying us with sandwiches and snacks to keep us fuelled throughout the search!

127 hours
STAND BY 18/01/2020

The team were put on standby to possibly assist Northumberland National Park MRT and  North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team for a collapsed racer in the final stages of the Montane Spine Race. The competitor was located in one of the most remote parts of the Pennine Way on Score Head north of King’s Seat.

The Spine Race safety team made their way from the Auchope shelter to the competitor’s location. The competitor was treated by an event Paramedic and one of the Team’s Doctors before being carried off the hill on a stretcher by Northumberland National Park MRT to their vehicles located in the forest north of Uswayford.

33 hours

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