BSARU October Update

Article written by Seymour Haugh for Kelso Life magazine - news about out New Base, Latest training exercise and fundraising activities

New Base Update

We now have an electric meter although it has taken from January for our supplier to achieve this. Interior blockwork of walls has been completed. Plastering of ceilings should have started by publication, followed by electrician’s final fix. A kitchen, 2 unisex loos and a disabled loo will be installed. External work to complete the car parking area and drainage area, to meet the requirements of Scottish Water, Sepa, and building control, will be undertaken. Due to budget limitations and to reduce costs the team is sourcing the required materials and directly contracting trades although this means works will take a little longer. Team is still looking to source funding for the heat pump, solar panels, and storage battery. These will minimise the amount of power we need to run the base, an advantage given the high cost of electricity.

Traprain Law Exercise

A team exercise took place on and around Traprain Law, the south face of which is popular with rock climbers. Ground conditions make any rescue problematic due to the difficulty of creating suitable anchors for a stretcher lower. Rock under the subsoil hinders use of ground stakes and the lack of suitable cracks in surface rock, which are often unreliable, limits use of climbers’ protection. The team will be exploring the likely areas of a rescue, and what options would be available to create anchors for a lower.

Edinburgh Riding of the Marches

Six team members along with other services provided first aid cover for the Edinburgh Riding of the marches. Using the teams land rovers the team covered the off road sections of the riding.

Pick Ups for Peace

We donated two stretchers, some first aid materials, and some other unused kit to Pick Ups for Peace. A donated pick up with the equipment was being driven to Ukraine on Sunday 17th September where the kit will be used for training on the front line.

Borders Walking Festival

Kevin Sterrick and Brian Tyson welcoming walkers at the Borders Walking Festival

First held in West Linton in 1994 the Borders Walking Festival was hosted by Kelso this September. It has been held annually apart from a pause during covid. Team members Brian Tyson and Kevin Sterrick manned a weeklong BSARU display during morning registration and in the afternoon at Abbey Row Community Centre.

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