Calling all Kelso Co-op Customers - help BSARU!

BSARU have been nominated as one of the 3 charities that the Kelso Co-op Community Fund are supporting until 9th April 2017

Choose us as your local Co-op charity

We have 3 more weeks of being Kelso Co-op's chosen charity! As one of 3 Kelso charities being supported by Kelso Co-Op, in both stores, until 9th April 2017. Currently each charity has already been given over £1000 which is from the 5p bag tax.

If you are a Kelso resident, and have a Co-op membership card, you can go to the Co-op Community Fund website, log into your account and nominate BSARU as your chosen charity. Every time you then shop at your Co-op, 1% of what you spend will be donated by the Co-op to our team. 

Please spread the word, and remember to nominate us in your Co-op membership account!

Thank you!


Secretary - Border SAR
7 St Germains House
East Lothian
EH32 0PQ


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